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Criminal Defense Attorney in Prestonsburg, Kentucky

Facing Criminal Charges?

Work with A Strong Defense Lawyer to Build Your Case

Being charged with a crime puts your career, personal life, and reputation in jeopardy. Before you step into a courtroom, it's important to build your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The Law Office Of Timothy Parker in Prestonsburg, Kentucky can help you build your criminal defense and fight for your future. Do you need to speak to a criminal defense attorney?

Call the Law Office Of Timothy Parker today. I will provide you with thorough, aggressive, and honest representation from the moment we meet until the conclusion of your case. Your priority will always be my priority because I want you to succeed in life.

Charged with a Crime?

What Should You Do if You're Arrested?

If you're arrested, you can easily make matters worse if you don't know how to treat authorities and other parties involved. Follow these words of advice to increase your chances of a positive result.

  • Cooperate with law enforcement. The less you try to coerce your way out of your situation, the better off you will be. Often, people try to make moves to get them out of their situation, but that rarely works.

  • Immediately request a defense lawyer. If, for any reason, anyone denies you this request, they are breaking the law. You are welcome to have an attorney at your side even if you cannot afford one.

  • Remain silent until your lawyer arrives. When they say "anything you say can, and will, be used against you," they actually mean it. The less you say, the less the prosecution has to build a case against you. Once I arrive, I will act as your voice to other parties.

By speaking to law enforcement without an attorney present, you run the risk of incriminating yourself. Call attorney Timothy Parker in Prestonsburg, Kentucky today 3 to learn your next steps.